Monday, June 22, 2009


June 22 2009

The "Clapotis" is a pattern that many knitters have made. Now I know why. It's a fairly simple pattern. Once you get the pattern down it's repeat, repeat, repeat. I might have gotten bored and been tempted to cast on another project, but I was making this for someone else. I knitted until my fingers were literally sore. I was very pleased with the way it turned out. The yarn is just gorgeous, 50% wool/50%silk.

You begin by casting on two stitches and continue from there. Once you get the total number of stitches, you begin dropping stitches to create the cross bars.

The edges have a tendency to roll so I lightly blocked the shawl to the measurements of the pattern. Part of the charm of this shawl is the ripple effect it has, so I recommend a very light blocking.

This is a great pattern to make and would be perfect for those cool days or evenings at an outside cafe.

Yarn Details:
Brooks Farm Yarn
4 ply, 50% wool/50% silk
Worsted, US size 7-9 needle
270 yards

Pattern Details:
Free Pattern
Designed by:Kate Gilbert

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