Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Parade

What a fun time we had! Cousins big and small from both sides of the family were there!!
In the first Picture we have Michael my oldest, Cousin Callista!

Mark and Matthew are Below with Daddy! A little too cold for Mark to ride outside
he got to ride with Daddy up front.

Here is Cousin Amanda and Olivia, and bottom left is Matthew, and then Darienne.
They were snuggled up under a warm Etsy Made Quilt!

My Aunt and Me Dee!!
Ready to Walk and Hand out Candy!
So much fun!!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

All 3 boys

These are my 3 boys who believe it or not will soon be 13, 4, and 2!! It's amazing how fast time goes by! Just wanted to share some recent pic's with our family and Friends. I am so bless to have 3 beautiful boys! The Boy with Mark I can't claim as my own He's my oldest sons friend and a delight to have around! Mark LOVES him to death!
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Mark 21 Months

What a little HAM we have on our hands! He's doing sooo well!! And GROWING like a weed now! We were beginning to wonder if it would ever happen! His little body must be finally healed because our last visit he weighed 19 lbs. WOW were we thrilled because in 6 weeks time he went from 16 lbs 10 oz to 19 lbs. Go Mark!!!

Can you believe this!!! He says as well as Signs No No!!! ROFL Go figure!! Won't say Momma but he'll sure tell you No No!! Sometime's he will also sign "More" we are working on it to hopefully become more consistent!

Is he crawling yet?? NO but he's the FASTEST little Scooter Bug I've ever seen! If I could just figure out how to attach a Swiffer Pad to his bumm I wouldn't have to sweep the floor! Dark pants are a MUST!
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Simply White Beautiful Mill Ends

Pictured Above
Some of the white mill ends. Some come in Nice little lengths of roving, some in sheets, and there is always just big bunches that take a lot of sorting. It's all worth it in the end. Mill ends are definately not something to be afraid of. There are some Amazing fibers that can be spun alone, some need a little help, and some are just not suitable for anything and get tossed to the Dogs (Literally !!) My dogs always get a wonderful treat with the Mill ends that I deem unfit for spinning as I use them to re-stuff their doggie mattress's!! Happy Warm Pooches and we have 4 of them outside! It's cold here right now and I'm sure they would love for my sorting process to pick up speed!

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Mill Ends in Color

Pictured Above
Yes!!!! That IS a Mill End Roving!! Wool and Mohair and yummy and soooft and sooooo much fun to spin!! You will see the yarn that I created with this fibery treat later down below!

Pictured Above

Here is another sampling of some of the Mill ends that I have! Beautiful red and green/mohair blend. Carded through 2 times to create the batt above. I didn't blend in any glitz or Angelina with that one but I wanted to show you how quickly and wonderfully the blobby sheet can become a beautiful spinning delight. This batch of mill ends had a really special treat! The first time I've seen those blue's. And I have to admit that sorting is going slowly so there is no telling what other treasures I might come across.

I'm terrible I have to confess! I could be sorting along and all of the sudden a Fiber or blend just begs to be spun. I'm a softy and I give in readily!!! The black and White was one of those that got me extremely side tracked but what fun it was! Yes it is the one right at the top!!

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Yarns Spun from Beautiful Mill end Blends

Pictured Above
Beautiful Red and Black, There is only a touch of black in this but the Wool and Mohair blend came out wonderfully. Skein Specs. 57 yards, Thick n Thin 5-7 wpi, 3.4 oz

Pictured Above
For this pretty pink yarn I kettle dyed a big sheet of white roving in a shade of Hot Fuscia Pink but then in the carding process I added some wonderfully silky bamboo. Skein specs. 29 yards, 6 wpi, bulky Thick n Thin, 1.9 oz
Pictured Above
More Beautiful Mill ends. Simply stunning Black and White with lots of Mohair. A treat to spin! Skein Specs. 80 yards, Bulky Thick n Thin, 4-6 wpi, 4 oz

Pictured Below
Beautiful sheets of red with green greated me at one point in the sorting process and I just had to stop and play with them. I combined them with some pretty red and green angelina and carded them several times to blend. Spun two sets of singles and then plied them to get this wonderful yarn. So you have wonderful wool/mohair blend with some shimmer! Yarn Specs. 4 oz., 9-10 wpi, 150 yards.
Hope you enjoyed My little Tour De Mill Ends!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Carding Batts/Goober Buns

Just having some fun on a dreary cloudy and cold day! What better way to keep warm than to card up some wonderful fun fibers into exciting batts just waiting to make an amazing and fun yarn!
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