Saturday, July 10, 2010

Construction Has Begun

Well the footings have been dug, cement poured, and the foundation laid! Now we are waiting for the plumbing to be
re-routed and tied into the lagoon so that we can cave in the top on the Septic Tank and get it filled in Properly!! A
surprise that we didn't even know exsisted!! Don't you just love those! They found it while digging the footings! I'm glad
they did!! Would have been horrible to not know it was there and one day have the house start stinking!! So as soon as we
get the plumbing taken care of we will be back on track with the construction! Matthew loves the dirt piles, rock piles and
mudd puddles (We got over 4 1/2 inches of rain the other day)! What little boy wouldn't!! Mommy "Not So Much"!!
Lots of dirt in the tub and on the floors!! That's just what country living is all about though!
I wouldn't trade it for anything!
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Flower Garden

I am so loving my flower Bed this year! The first year to plant one of the beds since we moved in! I am really looking forward to getting the top bed done next year!! Mike even purchased a small fountain and put it in for me! I love to sit in my swing on the porch and listen to the water! At least I can hear the gentle trickle when the boys aren't making a lot of noise! The Marigold's have just gone quite wild and overtaken some of the other plants!! Lesson learned for next year :)
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Freezing Corn

I am amazed that I got to the corn before the deer and racoons! It is absolutely delicious!! So today is being spent freezing the beautiful golden ears!! We only managed to get two rows planted and I am just so pleased at how well it did!! We will be enjoying this all winter long! And plenty to share with Grandma and Grandpa too! Has me hoping that theirs does as well!! Last year the critters got into theirs and we only had a teasing taste!

I will be picking some green beans later today too hopefully! So more freezing to come I HOPE!!

Hard to find time for my Wonderful wool when it's time to harvest the bounty of the Garden!! GOD is Good for sure!!
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Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 Flag Pole Festival

Wish I was a better photographer! But I managed to remember that I had an Etsy Bumper sticker from one of my Sneak Attack Buddies!! I'm so glad that I did! We may add a few more touches tomorrow once it arrives in Mound Valley. I sure hope the balloons hold up. Mike will have to take the gravel roads so that he can drive REALLY Slow!

I've got the van loaded with tables and chairs for my booth! All my tubs of Hats and Yarns! And of course the spinning wheel is going along! If I'm gonna be sitting there I might as well be productive. Yarn and knitting needles also going just in case I happen to get tired of Spinning. "Yeah Right!!"

I'm sure I'll take a lot more pictures tomorrow of all the fun stuff and my Booth so that I can share them with everyone!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mini Farm

Baby chicks and ducks!! I think we are done with the little ones for now!
Although one of the hens is brooding a clutch of eggs! We'll
just have to see what happens!

The rooster Above bottom left is a Black Jersey Giant! He is absolutely Beautiful
with Shiny black tinted with deep green! I got lucky and have a new hen and rooster
pair too! So the Rooster above better calm down with his Attacks or he'll be sorry!!!
He will sneak up behind you and Flogg you!! Boy does it hurt!! Even through Denim jeans
he can hurt me!! He has some issues!! He's just so pretty that I try and overlook them.

We have ruined our Ducks! They hang out with the chickens and have no interest in the pond!
They have a couple of water pans that we have in the yard and change daily that they love
to take a dip in! It is sooo much fun to watch them!

Matthew and I finished digging up the Potato's the other night! He is 4 and absolutely loved it!
Sure wish his big brother would be that excited about helping in the Garden!! We tried
something new this year and as the potatos grew we would mound the dirt higher around the
plants. So these were very easy to dig up and the potatos were much larger than last year
probably due to the looser soil. Delighted and will do the same thing next year!

As you can see we have two huge flower beds. This is the first year that we have actually
planted them. I don't think we did too bad. Maybe next year we will get the top one
planted. But until we get guttering put up I didn't want to waste my time only to see them
get drowned.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fishing Tournament, Edna KS

The boys got to ride in this tank! All the kids and even a few of the adults
went for a ride!

The Med-Flight Helicopter showed up and Matthew and Mark got to sit inside!
My husband works at a hospital and knows so many people!!
It seems like everywhere we go he knows someone!

Matthew caught a bass, poor Michael didn't catch a think I felt sooo bad for him.
Shortly after this photo Mark started running his fever and spent most of the rest of the tournament in the suburban with the AC on and either me or daddy with him.

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Shop

Above Photos Courtesy of
Amy Childers Photography

Some Amazing Photographs of My new Hats in Action! Life Doesn't get any better than seeing the sweet faces of these babies and it's even better seeing them wearing the little hats that I put so much time and Love into creating!!

Above Photo's Courtesy of
Exposures By J.linnea at

Above Photo's Courtesy of
Caralee Case Photography. You can see more of Caralee's work at

Check out my new shop Pumpkin Creek Hats here Most of my hats are made with yarn that I have hand-dyed and hand-spun but there are also some wonderful Acrylic's in there too that are Made in the U.S.A.

Unique and Fun! I have to say that the new shop gives me soooo much Joy!!

Hopefully this will explain where I've been lately LOL! Busy, Busy, Busy!!! And the boys are definately a handful also. We'll have to see if I can manage a few posts about what is happening here on the Farm!! A wonderful fiber friend of mine told me the other day "Your life sounds like so much fun! You should Blog about it!) ROFL I told her I had a Blog just could never find the time to get over here and Post!! So I promise to try and do better!

Hugs Dee

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cinnamon has now taken to the bottle like a real champ!! He is quite the funny little guy! So Adorable! So now I have one kid that I feed every 3 hours and one kid that I feed every 4 hours! The other two boys can feed themselves thank goodness! There is always something to keep us busy here! Cinnamon is no exception! When he gets excited he waggs that tail just like a dog would! I was laughing so hard at him this afternoon! And that Bleat is just about as cute as it can be! Well not at 4 or 5 a.m. He is becoming very playful now that his tummy is full on a regular basis! Hopefully some more pic's to shar soon!

No looking at the chips in my cupboard! What do you expect with hotwheels and lincoln logs!

Ok guess that's all for now!
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Friday, February 19, 2010

New Baby Goat given to us by a neighbor! He was a triplet and the momma wouldn't claim him! Bottle feeding Fun Lays Ahead :)
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Merlin Handspun Art Yarn

Merlin Handspun Art Yarn

I purchased some novelty yarn bundles from a fellow etsian and they arrived Saturday, I got to peek at them and then head out the door for a basketball game! When we got home I couldn't get the groceries put away fast enough! I wanted to play with those treats that were just sitting there waiting so patiently! Off to the drum carder I went and carded some delightful batts, and sat down with my wheel and began to play! This was the end result!

Thick n thin Single Ply, 45 YARDS, 3 OZ, 6 WPI
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Cloudburst 2ply Art Yarn Spiral with coils

Cloudburst 2ply Art Yarn Spiral with coils

Super soft and Super Bulky! So much fun to spin these yarns!
20 yards, 2 ply, SuperBulky, 2 oz
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Tree Frogs Supercoil with Halo's

Beautiful mixed fiber batt spun into a thick n thin single with with cacoons and then plyed into a supercoil with halo's. Short but magnificent!!
Tree Frogs2 ply art yarn2 oz , 5 yardsSuper Bulky

I can't wait to get a country spinner and make Huge skeins of this wonderfully fun yarn!! SOMEDAY!!
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