Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some Fiber FUN!!

Mill ends that have been carded into batts!
Batch of Mill ends that I dyed Aztec Gold. The picture above shows an example of the fiber once I have put it through the drum carder a few times.
This is some amazing Targhee that I purchased as a raw fleece and then scoured and dyed it. It is sooo soft and yummy.
This is a small sampling of my glitz and sparkle fibers.
This is my big bag of wonderful mohair.
Above you will see just a few of the wonderful fibers that I use in my Goober buns. I am an all around Fiber Finatic, and I haven't yet met a fiber that I don't like. Each lends it's own characteristics. Below I will take you through a few steps of creating a Goober Bun.

First I layer the fibers onto the drum carder, some roll through, but mohair, silks, and bamboo get placed on the drum by hand. This is the batt removed after the first run.

This is the same batt that I have split in half and layed it on it's side so that you could see the layers of fiber and color. This will now travel through the drum carder one more time.

Here is the batt after the second time through the drum carder and it's now ready to be rolled into a Goober bun.

Here it is all rolled up and ready for it's photo shoot!

There are no two that are the same. Which is what I love about them and makes them so much fun to spin.

Hope you have enjoyed my attempt as I am still learning and was having a hard time getting my pictures to do what I wanted.


  1. You have captured the wonder of order from fluff that happens with a deumcarder! Good blend!

  2. Aren't drum carders just amazing! Great Therapy Too!! I would be lost without it!