Friday, April 3, 2009

Dyepots going Everywhere!

Domestic Wool
Here is some of my wonderful (Domestic Wool), this is Targhee that I purchased as a raw fleece from a wonderful Ranch in Montana. I love their wools. So far I have gotten both white and colored lincoln from them and also this lovely white targhee. It is soooo soft and springy. And has very little VM which makes my work a lot easier. I know he does coat some of his sheep but even the ones that haven't been coated are really nice. It dyes beautifully too! I did a Sky Blue, Salmon, and Lilac. Can't wait to work these into batts and then Goobers.

Don't be afraid of Mill ends.
Here I have carded batts of Targhee, merino roving (commercially prepared) that I dyed, and Mill ends. I know that a lot of people are leary of working with mill ends but if you know your supplier and where they get them they can be amazing. I buy them in Bulk, and have tried several different types. There is always stuff that you can't use for spinning but I save that for the day when I can try my hand at some felting.

Lincoln Wool!!
You have to love it!! I think it's a lot like mohair. But it's soooo soft and fuzzy! I've spun it by itself, but my favorite thing to do is to blend it. Well you know I love blending everything. It adds an amazing halo and sheen to your yarns.

Here again I've used the Salmon, Lilac, and that amazing Silver Gray. I'm so pleased with the way they all came out. This was definately a wonderful day of dye pot fun for me!

Here is the Merino Roving that I dyed with the Salmon along with some of the Mill Ends. I haven't carded the Mill ends yet but just wanted you to see them. There is definately at least a touch of Mohair in the mill ends because I can she the shimmer it has. Just some really pretty stuff. I've actually already made a set of Goober Buns from some of the merino and they came out just Beautiful. Maybe I'll get more carding done this weekend and be able to incorporate some of the yummy Mill ends into a few sets. I can't wait!

I got a new silver gray and wanted to try it! I love the way it came out. I dyed both mill ends and mohair, and some Lincoln (which you saw above) and was just thrilled with the results. Below is the Mohair and some mill ends.

Well it was a fun and productive day of playing with Fiber and Color! Now I have to get busy carding and preparing to create some new Goober Buns. All the hard work in the beginning is soooo worth it when I get to actually start making the batts of beautiful fiber and color combinations. The sky is the limit. Well I suppose that's it for today. Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs Dee

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