Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Chicks

Well we got the call today! The chicks had hatched. So called grandpa to get the cage and heat lamp out of the barn. Called husband and had him pick up the litter and feed, and the boys and I loaded up and picked up our little box of chicks. They are just adorable. I look forward to next year hatching my own.

It has been very hard to get the boys to go to bed tonight. They want to keep peeking at the chicks. As soon as this little cold spell passes they will go in the shed for a couple of weeks before I move them into the actual chicken coop. So for a few days I will have to really keep and eye on the 3 yr old.

Just wanted to share our new additions. And a picture of the boys. We took them to an Easter Egg Hunt. Both Mark and Matthew's first!

Matthew was intent on discovering what goodies were hiding inside and I couldn't get him to look up. After the Hunt, the rest of us stood outside our vehicles talking but he crawled right into the vehicle and was content to eat and play with his basket of goodies.

I just set Mark on the ground by two eggs, and he was more interested in the grass than the two colored eggs! It's just amazing how far we've come in a year! Three amazing Blessings!

Last Easter

It's just amazing how far we've come in a year! Three amazing Blessings! It's just so exciting to see the changes. I can't wait for next year.

Easter is a beautiful Holiday, but for me it also brings intense Emotions. And I think even more so this year than any other! Intense Sorrow for Christ's Crusifixion and what he had to endure as a Man, but also Intense Joy as He is RISEN!!

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Easter!

Love and Hugs Dee


  1. We raised chickens for 20 years........they are nice farm critters to have around-enjoy!

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog after stumbling onto your Etsy listings. You have a beautiful family! I think your yarn and rovings are among the most beautiful I've seen. (I don't think you charge enough for custom spinning though, lol).


  3. I truly enjoy spinning. It's my therapy and right now it's only for spinning my rovings and Goober Buns. So I truly almost feel like I'm cheating LOL " Please pay me to spin up these yummy treasures for you!" Thank you for the praise on my rovings ;o) I love making them too! It's always such a treat to see the finished product.

    Hugs Dee