Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mark 21 Months

What a little HAM we have on our hands! He's doing sooo well!! And GROWING like a weed now! We were beginning to wonder if it would ever happen! His little body must be finally healed because our last visit he weighed 19 lbs. WOW were we thrilled because in 6 weeks time he went from 16 lbs 10 oz to 19 lbs. Go Mark!!!

Can you believe this!!! He says as well as Signs No No!!! ROFL Go figure!! Won't say Momma but he'll sure tell you No No!! Sometime's he will also sign "More" we are working on it to hopefully become more consistent!

Is he crawling yet?? NO but he's the FASTEST little Scooter Bug I've ever seen! If I could just figure out how to attach a Swiffer Pad to his bumm I wouldn't have to sweep the floor! Dark pants are a MUST!
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