Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mill Ends in Color

Pictured Above
Yes!!!! That IS a Mill End Roving!! Wool and Mohair and yummy and soooft and sooooo much fun to spin!! You will see the yarn that I created with this fibery treat later down below!

Pictured Above

Here is another sampling of some of the Mill ends that I have! Beautiful red and green/mohair blend. Carded through 2 times to create the batt above. I didn't blend in any glitz or Angelina with that one but I wanted to show you how quickly and wonderfully the blobby sheet can become a beautiful spinning delight. This batch of mill ends had a really special treat! The first time I've seen those blue's. And I have to admit that sorting is going slowly so there is no telling what other treasures I might come across.

I'm terrible I have to confess! I could be sorting along and all of the sudden a Fiber or blend just begs to be spun. I'm a softy and I give in readily!!! The black and White was one of those that got me extremely side tracked but what fun it was! Yes it is the one right at the top!!

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