Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mini Farm

Baby chicks and ducks!! I think we are done with the little ones for now!
Although one of the hens is brooding a clutch of eggs! We'll
just have to see what happens!

The rooster Above bottom left is a Black Jersey Giant! He is absolutely Beautiful
with Shiny black tinted with deep green! I got lucky and have a new hen and rooster
pair too! So the Rooster above better calm down with his Attacks or he'll be sorry!!!
He will sneak up behind you and Flogg you!! Boy does it hurt!! Even through Denim jeans
he can hurt me!! He has some issues!! He's just so pretty that I try and overlook them.

We have ruined our Ducks! They hang out with the chickens and have no interest in the pond!
They have a couple of water pans that we have in the yard and change daily that they love
to take a dip in! It is sooo much fun to watch them!

Matthew and I finished digging up the Potato's the other night! He is 4 and absolutely loved it!
Sure wish his big brother would be that excited about helping in the Garden!! We tried
something new this year and as the potatos grew we would mound the dirt higher around the
plants. So these were very easy to dig up and the potatos were much larger than last year
probably due to the looser soil. Delighted and will do the same thing next year!

As you can see we have two huge flower beds. This is the first year that we have actually
planted them. I don't think we did too bad. Maybe next year we will get the top one
planted. But until we get guttering put up I didn't want to waste my time only to see them
get drowned.

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